Electric car charger - policy | Ellipsum Élmény- és Strandfürdő

Charging power:

  • AC 22 kW (3x32A)

Connector type:

  • Type 2

Charger method:

  1. Connect your car to the charger!
  2. Select charging method!




  • Scan the QR code!
  • Follow the instruction!
  • Register or log in!
  • Scan the QR code!
  • Download and/or open our application!
  • Register or log in!
  • Hold the charging key or card to the RFID reader!
  1. At the end of charging, unplug the cable from the car and then from the charger!


  • You can see the current charge price on your phone's display, before starting. The price is in HUF and refers to the amount of energy transferred (kWh).


  • Please, when charging is complete, park from the charging station to make the charger available to others.

Safety insturctions:

  • Do not unplug the cable from the vehicle or the charger while charging. First stop charging by the user interface.
  • The components inside the charging station are under voltage. Never open the charging station.
  • Users with implanted cardial pacemakers or implanted cardial defibrillator (ICDs) should not stand closer than 31.5 inch (80cm) from the device while charging.
  • Do not use the charging station if any connectors, cabels, or the casing of the device is damaged.
  • To avoid electric shock or electrocution, do not operate the charger with wet hands.
  • People with whorm the safe operation of the charger is not guaranteed (including children) or do not know about its operation, are not allowed to operate the charger. Operation is allowed only in the presence or supervision of responsible person.

If you need help: