Parking Regulations | Ellipsum Élmény- és Strandfürdő

I. Scope of the Regulations

The scope of the Parking Regulations extends territorially to the private car park operated by Miskolci Fürdők Kft, located in a natural setting, next to the Ellipsum Adventure and Beach Bath, in the area perpendicular to the Arad promenade in Miskolc, locally parallel to the Hejő floating stream (hereinafter: car park). The personal scope of the Parking Regulations extends to persons using the indicated car park for the temporary storage of their vehicle.

The parking lot is not only reserved for the visitors of the Ellipsum Adventure and Beach   Bath (hereinafter: Bath) operated by Miskolci Fürdők Kft., It can also be used by persons who do not use the Bath for the redemption of a parking ticket.


  • Car park: The sum of the areas covered by the territorial scope of the Parking Regulations, where guests store their vehicles after entering the car park.
  • Guest: The range of natural and legal persons who use the service and who use their vehicle by entering the car park (parking contract).
  • parking contract: A bilateral agreement coming into force between the car park operator and the guest with access to the car park.
  • operator: Miskolci Fürdők Kft. (3519 Miskolc, Pazár I. sétány 1., tax number: 14140549-2-05)

II. Rules for using the car park

Access to the car park may be subject to compliance with the instructing, warning, restricting and prohibiting traffic signs traffic displayed at the entrances.

By entering the car park, the guest acknowledges that he or she must comply with the parking regulations.

The guest using the parking lot acknowledges that the operator does not take responsibility for the guarding of the parked vehicle, for any damage caused to the vehicle during the parking in the parking lot, for the objects and values placed in the vehicle.

After the vehicle has been stopped, the vehicle must be secured in accordance with the regulations, the parking brake must be applied and the vehicle locked, or other property protection must be provided.

The guest is required to pay a parking fee before leaving the car park.

The rules of the road apply in the parking lot. Road signs must be observed and adhered to in order to maintain the normal operation of other guests and the car park.

In the car park, pedestrians must circulate with special attention, passing carefully through the lanes reserved for the traffic of vehicles.

In the event of extraordinary events (e.g. fire alarm, bomb alarm), guests must leave the car park area without delay. In these cases, they can only drive their vehicle out of the car park if the operator has received the necessary official authorization to restore the normal operation of the car park.

III. Parking fee

The car park is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 in exchange for a parking fee. For cars that start parking in this interval, the automatic system works according to the parking fees. The operator does not charge a fee for cars of which the parking started after 18:00. In the case of a parking started before 08:00, the vending machine calculates the fee only from 08:00, which can be paid by the parking guest in the vending machine at the end of the parking, according to the parking fees. Outside the toll zone time, entry and exit are regulated by the ticket issued at the barrier. Please keep the ticket issued at the barrier.

If the ticket is lost, the operator will determine a surcharge equal to the daily ticket valid for the entire day.

Access to the car park is not possible if the operator closes the car park due to an extraordinary event or if the car park is full.

The applicable parking fees are indicated by signs posted in the parking area.

Car and taxi drivers who accidentally drive into the car park, guests who cannot find free space, etc. can drive out of the car park without paying a parking fee, in case of leaving within a maximum of 15 minutes. You must also leave the car park within 15 minutes, after the parking fee has been paid.

It is forbidden to stay in the place of car chargers in front of the building for parking purposes, also in the case of a saturated car park.

Parking opening hours:

The parking operates and is to be paid for on weekdays, weekends and public holidays from 08:00 to 18:00.

There is no payment obligation on weekdays, weekends and public holidays: from 18:00 to 08:00. The barrier only works in exchange of a parking ticket.

Parking fees:

2500 HUF / day or

350 HUF / each initiated hour. The automated system allows for 30-minute billing.

Surcharge: 2500 HUF (in case of abandoned parking ticket)

In the case of vehicles parked at the car charging stations in a non-charging mode, the operator applies the use of a wheel clamp.

Surcharge for removing the wheel clamp: 20,000 HUF / occasion.

IV. Prohibitions

It is forbidden in the parking lot:

  • any violation of the traffic rules,
  • any obstruction to the normal operation of the car park,
  • smoking or using an open flame,
  • stopping a vehicle whose fuel tank is leaking gas or oil,
  • the introduction and storage in the car park of any type of flammable substance, even as a component of any vehicle, with the exception of fuel in the vehicle's fuel tank,
  • stopping vehicles outside the designated parking spaces, in particular emergency exits, exits and entrances,
  • stopping a vehicle that has no registration plate or which does not comply with traffic regulations,
  • distributing a flyer in the car park,
  • Parking of vehicles at the car charging stations in a non-charging mode.

V. Sanctions for violators of prohibitions

If the guest or any other person in the car park disturbs the operation of the car park, violates the prohibitions, endangers the safety of the car park, the operator has the right to expel him from the car park. If the expulsion is unsuccessful, the operator shall make a notification to the competent authorities and, by making such a notification, arrange for the removal of the person disturbing the order of the car park or the vehicle endangering the safe operation of the car park for public use.

The user of the parking lot is obliged to pay compensation for the damage caused by him in another vehicle. Cases of this nature must be reported immediately to the car park operator.

VI. Miscellaneous provisions

The operator is not liable for the conduct of a third party, in particular for any damage, vandalism or theft caused by him, regardless of whether the third party is legally present or unauthorized in the car park.

The operator is only liable for damages caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of employees performing the service.

In case of irregularities, only official bodies may request the image/ video materials of the camera surveillance system looking in the direction of the car park.


Miskolc, June 4th, 2021.

Judit Németh

managing director