Monumental building, exciting data | Ellipsum Élmény- és Strandfürdő

During a walk in Miskolctapolca, it can be clearly seen from the exterior that the newest adventure bath in the country is certainly not small. Huge buildings make up the complex, which means that it required a lot of building materials and human strength to construct. We are going to show you!

The outer wall surface of the newly built adventure pool was covered with a 6,300 m2 cleading. This amount corresponds to the exterior cladding of 31 average-sized family houses.

A total of 7,391 m2 of tiles were placed on the inner wall surface of the 5 ellipses. This amount of tiles equals to an average cladding of 246 bathrooms. The floors, walls and pools are cladded on a total surface of 20,000 m2.

 There is also no shortage of lamps in the area of the complex. Would you have thought that the number luminaires that guarantee the lightning is no less than 2667?

 An average of 350 people worked on the construction site for 708 days, at the same time. It is estimated that if we count two coffees per person per day, a total of 495,600 servings of coffee provided the energy to build the Ellipsum during construction.

The spa complex has a total of 8 indoor pools, 4 outdoor pools, 3 run-outs and 1 water playground. The total water surface is almost 4,100 m2, as if almost half of the Miskolctapolca Csónakázó lake would be transformed into a complex for bathing purposes. In the area of the adventure bath, 11,000 plants give you the feeling of being closer to nature while spending time with bathing.

Now that you know all this, it’s time for you to check it out in person!